[can strawberry and pumpkin eat together? ] _ of _ gold melon eats – together

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Strawberry is very common fruit, the content of the vitamin in strawberry is very tall, often eat strawberry to have diuresis, the action of embellish lung and disappear heat, although be abounded particularly,the nurture of strawberry pledges, but not be to 上海千花网交友 上海千花网论坛say what undertake collocation with a lot of food to strawberry is OK, strawberry and some food collocation rise, beneficial to person body, if collocation is undeserved, it is meeting influence is healthy, can strawberry and pumpkin match eat together?

Can strawberry and pumpkin eat together?

Can strawberry and pumpkin eat together?

Can match eat together.

What person cannot eat strawberry?

1, although strawberry is very good life-giving, appetizing fruit, but the gender is cool, do not eat too much, especially the person with taste Xu Han, easy diarrhoea, overmuch hydrochloric acid in gastric juice should control an amount more.

2, phlegmy wet inside fill, bowel is slippery have diarrhoea pers爱上海 爱上海同城手机版on, lobar cold cou上海龙凤论坛sh1f 上海龙凤论坛gh (cough white phlegmy) the person is unfavorable eat strawberry more.

3, the female friend menstruation of easy dysmenorrhoea comes do not eat when tide too much, lest accentuate dysmenorrhoea.

4, calcic content of strawberry oxalic acid is higher, because oxalic acid calcium causes uric road,calculous patient also should reduce edible to measure appropriately.

Can strawberry and pumpkin eat together?

With what cannot strawberry eat together?

1, strawberry + calcium agent

Strawberry cannot eat together with calcic agent. More oxalic acid is contained in爱上海同城论坛 爱上海同城 strawberry, be in and calcic agent is met when edible together be united in wedlock character with the calcium in calcic agent, form oxalic acid calcium, this kind of material is very indigestible inside gastric bowel absorb, meeting as body of eduction of excrement and urine outside, reduce the filling calcium effect of calcic agent. Cause stone easily still. Common calcic agent has: Calcium tablet, milk, bean curd.

2, strawberry + cucumber

The main nutrition composition of strawberry is on vitamin C, more vitamin C contains in cucumber decompose enzymatic, the vitamin C in strawberry can be being brought about after edible together is decomposed, reduce the nutrient value of strawberry.

Can strawberry and pumpkin eat together?

3, strawberry + pachyrhizus

More plant acid is contained in strawberry, gastric bowel can be stimulated after edible, quicken the exudation of hydrochloric acid新爱上海同城对对碰论坛 上海同城对对碰交友社区 in gastric juice, pachyrhizus can bilge after edible gas, also can quicken the exudation of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice at the same time, two kinds an edible can bring about hydrochloric acid in gastric juice secrete overmuch, occurrence intestines and stomach is unwell.

4, strawberry + albumen food

A lot of oxalic acid are contained in strawberry, the acidity composition such as salicylic acid, be in and albumen kind the metamorphism that protein can cause when food eats together, reduce protein absorption, also can redu[……]

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[how is New Year cake of the food that bake done? ] how does _ do – of _ practice encyclopedia

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New Year cake of the food that bake is a traditional cate, the practice of New Year cake of the food that bake also is very simple normally, a lot of places have when spend the New Year those who eat New Year cake is consuetudinary, the implied meaning of New Year cake is first-rate, adumbrative next year step by step tall, new Year cake is at ordinary times the way that a lot of is plant and have a way, new Year cake of the food that bake is characteristic tradition cate of Ning Bo, very person of wave enduring peace loves, a lot of people like to eat New Year cake of the food that bake at ordinary times.

How is New Year cake of the food that bake done?

How is New Year cake of the food that bake done?

The practice is made up

1, cut season food heart paragraph, withhold a ministry appropriately, I feel a ministry is more delicious than dish leaf, put the scald in boiled water, scoop.

2, oil is put in boiler, oil wants many bits properer ability is delicious, enter season food heart, break up fry.

3, put candy, salt, soy, mix divide evenly.

4, pour water, want to had done not have dish, after conflagration is boiled, continue to be boiled a little while, when dish is inspiratory soy became angry.

5, bake in dish to 6 minutes ripe when, put in the New Year cake that has cut continue to boil at the same place.

6, boil, turn small fire, stew slowly, dish is ripe sodden, make New Year cake complete tasty, absorb the Xian Xiantian of soup juice adequately! Gallinaceous essence of life is put before giving boiler can.


Big head, taro is joined in still can baking food New Year cake, make flavour more sterling and delicious!

New Year cake is cut thick cut a bit bigger, such tasting more cool oh!

Those who boil among can taste flavour, add condiment again according to his tas上海龙凤论坛 新上海贵族宝贝论坛te.

How is New Year cake of the food that bake done?

The nutrient value of New Year cake reachs effect

Nutrient value

New Year cake not only smell is sweet and nice, and nutrition is rich, still have the effect of gymnastical dispel disease. According to assay, th上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区e quantity of heat of New Year cake is higher, 爱上海 爱上海同城手机版be rice is multiple. Nevertheless New Year cake contains moisture content little, digest not easily, the Yi Sheng after eating is phlegmy. Accordingly, the person that has disease of dyspeptic, stomach, bowel and asthma is unfavorable eat more. Eat less not be bored with, complement already nutrition, be opposite again the body is good.

New Year cake is purificatory food, nutrient value is average.

New Year cake is delicate alcohol of · sweet · is sweet, have the historical flavor of dense.

How is New Year cake of the food that bake done?

Save a method:

A few months, immersing N上海千花社区 上海千花网交友ew Year cake in clear water is a saved tweak, but want to notice, immerse to need to be cleaned everyday in the New Year cake in clear water, water also should change every day, if,such ability save longer time; your New Year cake all the time dip is in water, did not clean also did not change water[……]

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[it shaddock extracts juice with what on the west is good that shaddock extracts juice with what on the west drink] _ extracts juice _ how to extract juice –

Article introduction

Drink Xi Youzhi to be able to have a bit alone acrid, it is better that if extract juice together with other fruit,flavour is met. There is what human body needs to mix in Xi Youzhi kind of vitamin, drink Xi Youzhi to be able to remove hairdressing to raise not only colour action, also be the effect that having precaution to a few diseases. The friend that wants thin body can choose to drink Xi Youzhi, can raise the rate of body metabolism, have a lot of profit to human body.

It shaddock extracts juice with what on the west is good that shaddock extracts juice with what on the west drink

Drink Xi Youzhi to have what profit

1, shaddock juice can reduce weight on the west

Fat of disappear reducing weight is one of main effect of Xi Youzhi, it is contained a variety of enzymatic kind of composition, they enter human body to be able to restrain the human body absorption to candy portion later, also can promote decompose adiposely, outside can letting them be changed into moisture eduction body, often drinkable can rise to reduce weight the main effect of thin body, the figure that can let people becomes more and more slender.

2, on the west shaddock juice can hairdressing

Hairdressing also is one of main effect of Xi Youzhi, a variety of vitamins are contained in this kind of fruit juice, among them the content of vitamin C and vitamin P is very high, they are OK and direct action the skin cell at the mankind, can increase cutaneous detoxify capacity, also can promote skin cell metabolization and second birth, often drinkable and OK hairdressing is raised colour, the skin that can let people becomes better and be上海千花网论坛 上海千花网tter.

3, Xi Youzhi can prevent calculous

Xi Youzhi can prevent stone, the shaddock glucoside that it contains can keep clear of the cholesterol inside human body, can let them decompose and outside eduction body, can decrease effectively to be generated calculously, 上海龙凤论坛sh1f 上海龙凤论坛everyday drinkable a cup of Xi Youzhi, the rate of hair interpretation of the cause that can yield gall-stone and kidney stone falls apparently.

It shaddock extracts juice with what on the west is good that shaddock extracts juice with what on the west drink

Tie-in what extracts shaddock on the west juice is good drink

, Xi Youchen child juice

Effect: Orange and shaddock is the fruit that contains a lot ofvitamin C on the west, add alkalescent soda soda water, absorb in order to increase alkalescent alimental, can balance the acid-base value inside one private parts. This f上海千花网交友 上海千花网论坛ruit juice can prevent cold and gum haemorrhage.

2, honey on the west shaddock juice

Effect: Shaddock has honey on the west hairdressing is raised colour effect, have in Xi Youtian light acrid, honey is joined to be able to mask this kind of agonized flavour to still can be helpful for hairdressing of cutaneous health care not only in Xi Youzhi.

3, juice of Xi Youji different

Effect: Xi Youfu is contained pectic with natural folic acid and vitamin C, can be reduced and reduce the loss of arterial blood-vessel, bizarre fruit has ” the king of the fruit ” beautiful praise, to promoting immune cell vigor, insulin secretes the e[……]

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[the practice encyclopedia of hot drink] how does _ of the _ method that make make –

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In the winter when weather is colder, drink a cup of hot drink at that time, not only the effect that 上海夜网 阿爱上海同城has drive cold heat preservation, still have t阿拉爱上海同城 爱上海龙凤419桑拿h上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区e very good effect that recuperates intestines and stomach, the practice of hot drink is rife, to promote the action of preserve one’s health, can join a few have sanitarian effect feed capable person, have the effect of very good health care body e.g. burdock tea, of additional explicit winter can drink hot drink of caramel soya-bean milk, can make him body warm wait a moment, we will understand the content of this respect simply.

 The practice encyclopedia of hot drink

Qiu Dong raises tea of burdock of heat build-up drink


Fresh burdock 100g is pure 1000cc of natural mineral water


1, the fresh burdock that will buy, use a brush first will cortical scrub is clean, drop cuts chip to reserve after dry water portion.

2, the water that 1000 ㏄ enter in boiler, put the burdock with good section again, boil with medium baking tem爱上海同城手机版 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛perature extremely roll boil

3, later again after igneous infusion makes an appointment with make down 30 minutes can drinkable

 The practice encyclopedia of hot drink

4, finish

Hot drink of caramel soya-bean milk


Big flummery of soya bean 55g sauce of caramel of 30g of a gram is right amount water 800cc


1, burnt soya bean of function key rice, gram, immerse; big flummery is cleaned to cut small to reserve after 6~8 hour.

2, course of action 1 reach milk, put soya-bean milk machine inside, add right amount clear water among next consummate, water level, paper function key by rice, await beep can.

3, in water bottle, add caramel sauce, ice cube to be finished namely, after also can be being refrigerated drinkable.

Chocolate hot drink

Brief introduction is thick without sexual chocolate oar. In this cup of small cup, we were obtained with love same flavor


Equipment material prepares () of 4 people portion:

Black chocolate 200 grams, milk 500 milliliter, liquid butter 20 milliliter.


1.With the knife will black chocolate is mincing, enter milk pannikin inside, add 10 milliliter water, firing boil burn. Join broken chocolate, after small agitate, boil about 15 minutes with small baked wheaten cake, meantime often agitate. Will refrigeration is placed after filtering.

 The practice encyclopedia of hot drink

2.Will cold bright butter adds pot inside, h爱上海同城 爱上海eat chocolate adagio not to stop agitate afresh. Fall into coffee cup, put one teaspoon bright cream or candy.

Xiao hang

The sweetgrass essence of life that can add 1/4 teaspoon will boil burn, perhaps boiling cassia bark white is joined in burning a process, can get another distinctive taste

上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区


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[what green vegetables is aperient? ] how does _ vegetable _ eat –

Article introduction

Green vegetables is the vegetable with various generally refer to commonly爱上海同城论坛 爱上海同城, often show in civilian green vegetables a few green are vegetable namely nevertheless, for instance Chinese cabbage, chili, cucumber, turnip is waited a moment. Among the life, if eat what a few green vegetables still can give body complement a few nutrition more, and it is better that the person body that often has vegetable should compare the person that often has the flesh apparently, suffer from on 3 tall the odds of kind of disease also wants a few lower. So, what green vegetables is aperient?

What green vegetables is aperient?

1, cucumber: ?

2, Bai Luobo: ?

What green vegetables is aperient?

3, leek: ?

4, wax gourd: ? Does  shrimp  flinch Xian of サ of amaranth of exterminate of Fen of celestial b上海千花社区 上海千花网交友eing of   evil spirit paper fars away Quan  shovel of firewood of smi上海贵族宝贝 上海千花网龙凤论坛le of  of the 5 chaste tree that be troubled by  health be able to bear or endure deceive of ū ending Yong?

5, chili: ? Gou of crab of  of benzene cent have diarrhoea shine is  of chaste tree of  of hut of Fu of fan of ⒖ of  of bluff of  of corrode of  of  of Pai of Jiao of D of benzene bandit Chu planted  of Yan of attentively of beans of atten新上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝交流区tively of riverside  foal?

What green vegetables is aperient?

6, gram bud: ? Is  of  of Peng of admonish of eulogy of orange of  of Bo of   brother’s son farring away graceful reject but grand of は of  of crow of diameter of  of Shao of abb of young of Wan of locust of Ni   ?

7, soja and soybean products: ? は of a legendary venomous insect of  of bluff of  of corrode of  of  of Pai of  of Tan Ji of ü of male of closely question of beans of Wu of paper of Qian of  of curtain of billow of  of Tuo 上海龙凤论坛sh1f 上海龙凤论坛of ズ of bad Mou Huai of  crab Gou round does pancreas of  of cut down of discharge of S of  of crow of awl of  static ash hold miserly of Man爱上海 爱上海WIFIg of head of mace of appraise of   awl?


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[the practice of dish of dry connected through one’s relatives] how does _ of the method of _ of dish of _ connected through one’s relatives that make make –

Article introduction

Food of dry connected through one’s relatives is made by course of new connected through one’s relatives commonly, most person goes up fully in the metropolis in the home food of a few dry connected through one’s relatives, such is in tasting at ordinary times is very convenient, wa上海千花网 爱上海同城对对碰nted when to eating, can eat directly, and the method that food of dry connected through one’s relatives saves also is longer, food of dry connected through one上海夜网 阿爱上海同城‘s relatives is in at ordinary times having a way also is rife, can make it congee, still can match with other vegetable rise edible, flavour is very delicate.

 Work the way of dish of connected through one's relatives

Work the way of dish of connected through one’s relatives

1, dry connected through one’s relatives dish congee

With makings: Dish of dry connected through one’s relatives 10 gram rice balm of teaspoon of 1/2 of 150 grams salt 1 spoon green 3 grams


(1) rice is abluent, put maximum pressure right amount water is added to boil white congee; inside boiler

(After 2) does dish of connected through one’s relatives to阿爱上海同城 阿拉爱上海同城 be sent with clear water bubble mincing;

(3) boiler burns heat to add sesame oil, explode; of sweet chopped green onion

(4) puts dish of connected through one’s relatives to fry; sligh新上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝交流区tly

(5) puts the white congee; that has boiled again

(6) conflagration is burned turn small fire boils 5 minutes, add salt to flavor can.

2, cold and dressed with sause dish of connected through one’s relatives

(1) prepares all feeding material.

(Dish of 2) dry connected through one’s relatives turns on the water in immerse 5 minutes or so, if disrelish raw meat or fish can much hubble-bubble.

(3) cucumber cuts into shreds reserve.

(The drop of dish of connected through one’s relatives with 4) good bubble does moisture, join cucumber silk, sesame seed, put material 爱上海同城 爱上海of course of white vinegar, salt, cold and dressed with sause, balm to mix divide evenly.

3, do boiling water

The mix in throwing the food of connected through one’s relatives with good bubble good into recuperation boiling water is even can.

 Work the way of dish of connected through one's relatives

4, mix cold dish

The food of connected through one’s relatives with good bubble, can do dish of cold and dre爱上海同城手机版 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛ssed with sause to open a kind of burden in salad.

5, the burden with medium fried dish

After food has been fried, food of good bubble connected through one’s relatives is put into boiler, mix divide evenly gives boiler can edible.

6, the burden with evaporate medium steamed stuffed bun

The flesh (egg) vegetable and dish of connected through one’s relatives mix mix up ingredient, can do stuffing of steamed stuffed bun.

Fight the effect of dish of connected through one’s relatives and action

1, dish of dry connected through one’s relatives the metabolism of organ of hypertensive to precaution, heart disease, stimulative human body specific, cancer of arteriosclerosis, miocardial infarctio[……]

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[egg bean sprouts can be fried together] _ of _ egg bean sprouts fries _ at the same time but with –

Article introduction

Inside food photograph gram, friends worry about egg and bean sprouts is cannot of an edible, concern produces harmful chemical reaction. Egg and bean sprouts are the 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛 上海同城对对碰交友社区life in relatively much see feed capable person, and both nutrient composition also is not low actually. Use fry 上海千花社区 上海千花网交友the way that make to be together both confluence, on flavour won’t too Guo Jingyan, but want to compare for still suit popular taste very much, and return the nutrition of OK and compensatory body.

Can be egg bean sprouts fried together

Egg and bean sprouts won’t produce food photograph gram, the proposal need not worry.

Suggest you can fry bean sprouts first, drop redundant moisture, put into the egg again, nutrient consideration is pretty good!

Soya bean bud is a kind of nutrition is abounded, the vegetable with delicious flavour, it is the origin of more protein and vitamin. Pleasant of flavour of soya bean bud, sex is cool, into lienal, large intestine classics; has clear hot interest the effect that wet, detumescence removes the black mole of pain or numbness caused by cold, dispel, go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married that treat wart, embellish to skin, fat of verrucous to constipate of taste damp and hot, defecate, common, tall blood has dietotherapy effect. The egg is food of better be good at head. Both union is super nourishing a dish.

Can egg and yellow bean sprouts eat together

One, the egg can eat together with soya bean.

2, with makings

Advocate makings: 200g of egg 150g, soya bean

Condiment: Salt 2g, green 1 paragraph, blend oil right amount

3, measure:

Bubble of 1. soya bean sends flay, can give birth to bud, also need not give birth to bud.

Can be egg bean sprouts fried together

Water is put to be burned in 2. boiler, soya bean scald ripe.

3. fish out reserves.

4. egg break up.

5. puts soya bean, chopped green onion, salt into egg fluid, sufficient mix up.

6. boiler get angry, oily heat puts egg liquid.

After 7. one side is ripe, search an area. The egg is entire ripe hind, can give boiler.

The nutrient value of soya bean bud

Nutrition of soya bean bud is rich, contain C of protein, adipose, candy, crude fibre, calcic, phosphor, iron, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, nicotinic acid, vitamin to wait for nutrient composition. The much hair that spring is disease of vitamin B2 lack is seasonal, spring eats some of yellow bean sprouts to prevent and cure eff上海千花网交友 上海千花网论坛ectively more vitamin B2 lacks disease. Soya bean bud contains a lot ofpotassium, have conduce to it is normal to maintain pattern of nerve health, heartbeat, can prevent apoplectic, assist muscle to contract normally, fall bl爱上海同城 爱上海ood pressure action.

Can be egg bean sprouts fried together

Eat soya bean bud to grow to adolescent anaemia of development, precaution have profit greatly. Often 上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区eat soya bean bud to have be good at head, fight the fatigue, action that fight cancer. Soya bean 上海夜网论坛 上海夜网is in gemmiparous process, make the person bilges in soya bean angry material is decom[……]

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[darling drank the meeting that heat up a grandma how] _ baby _ affects –

Article introduction爱上海 爱上海同城手机版

Darling drank hot grandma to be able to harm the intestines and stomach of darling to digest likely, and the nutrient matter of hot grandma also can drop, should not be darling is drinkable, but now and then feed is without what big question 9, but need puerpera is caused take seriously, want to rest for some time to just can be nursed爱上海同城手机版 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛 after bathe, and those who go is too urgent also cannot nurse, want to provide the milk that has quality most to darling, and adjust oneself dietary problem.

Darling drank the meeting that heat up a grandma how

Mother life makes milk becomes little, become angry even.

The mom that is in lactation is when indignant, angst, nervous, exhaustion, create liver gloomy stagnation of the circulation of vital energy easily, produce hematic silt even, make milk quantity little b上海夜网 阿爱上海同城ecome angry even. Below this kind of circumstance, the grandma heartbeat that the baby爱上海 爱上海同城手机版 drank mom also is met as accelerate, become irritating, even night sleeps restless, happy event cries be troubled by, accompany digestive function waits for a symptom mussily, this is inside hot performance. Get angr爱上海同城论坛 爱上海同城y when you so or when mood be agitated, must not the lactation on the horse, had wanted a long time the least or a day, push an one share even galactic, after the cloth with clean reoccupy wipes a tit again lactation, because your mood lets darling,be not harmed.

Darling drank the meeting that heat up a grandma how

The meeting after mom bath arises ” hot grandma ” .

Big winter, a lot of mom at lactation like to wash a hot bath very much, ground of warm happy and harmonious holds a darling in the arms to be nursed to him. But the expert thinks, after mom just washed a hot bath, not quite appropriate instantly lactation, because heat up bath bath, body heats up rising, galactic also invade for steam place, at this moment feed hello, “Hot breast ” may hurt a baby. After always washing bath, ought to rest for some time, wait for breath calm down to come down to knead a breast again gently, nurse next, square insurable infantile safety does not have disease.

Darling drank the meeting that heat up a grandma how

Mom drives time, go too urgently or be generation of the metropolis after violent campaign ” hot grandma ” .

Rest commonly maternity leave, some mom still can continue darling lactation, and often come off work to be driven hastily toward the home, also can arise below this kind of circumstance ” hot grandma ” , the proposal is not returned nurse to darling immediately in the home, had better rest 15上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝 ~ are fed again after 20 minutes.


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[the burden of the carbonado that boil] _ carbonado _ does _ how to do –

Article introduction

Carbonado is a traditional cate, in daily life, the person that likes to eat carbonado is rife, the practice of carbonado is rife, among them road junction carbonado is most famous, taste not only fat and not be bored with, and flavo阿拉爱上海同城 爱上海龙凤419桑拿ur also is very sweet alcohol, especially color is more bright-coloured, very good health care effect is had after human body edible, specific introduction boils the burden of carbonado below, consult for everybody.

The burden of the carbonado that boil

The burden of the carbonado that boil

Raw material: Vivacious old hen, Laoshang, ginger, sweet leaf, aniseed, Chinese prickly ash, 阿拉爱上海同城 爱上海龙凤419桑拿small fennel, clove, Bai Kou, arenaceous benevolence, ginger of Bo of cardamom seed of bandits, flesh, Bi, fine, dried tanger爱上海同城 爱上海ine or orange peel, Bai Zhi, caoguo, cassia bark, white sugar, Bai Mu

Deserve to compare: It is each strong point more, each carbonado practice distinguishing at the same time, flavour is different also! And deserve to compare in burden on, what give out on the network for the most part is dummy, should notice to discriminate in use process! Lest waste feeds capable person!

Charac上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝teristic: A hunderd li waves sweet, skin sweet flesh sweet also, entrance promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, the aftertaste is boundless, sweet and not colour and lustre is be bored with, inviting

Edible method: Eat ripe food namely, cold storage flavour is much better, edible does not heat after the pro上海龙凤论坛 新上海贵族宝贝论坛posal is refrigerant (take off flavour easily) ; hand is ripped outfit dish, provide beautiful cate amorous feelings more, flavour is much better;

Pharmacodynamics function: In because boil sweet laborious of the more than 10 flavour in controlling a process,expecting, it is Chinese herbal medicine for the most part kind, have be good at lienal appetizing, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood hangs down the effect that fill!

The burden of the carbonado that boil

The craft that make

One, grown old hen, crotch of hind leg of; of wool of butcher, fade leaves a sip of (2, 3 inches advisable, cannot leave too greatly to avoid later period dish gallinaceous modelling cannot block drumstick! ) at the neck upper part of ministry is in a shoulder leaves a sip of, take out craw; to will make chicken eviscerate, abluent blood water, will whole chicken is put into melting olefin, hang divide evenly refrigeration, gather up purify of solid state olefin is downy! In putting clear water, 24 hour hind take out quiet place! Undertake making gallinaceous model, gallinaceous wing backward upper part is not in reversely cervical and rear, another chicken wing by bloodletting blade point a place of strategic importance is entered, pull in the mouth, fasten after the neck! Knock ministry of short drumstick root, and sternal, will double leg borrows force not to enter gallinaceous abdomen, two legs elbow does not live again, modelling is finished, if swan swims!

2, clear water[……]

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[the practice that Mi Xiangmu ear freezes] the Mi Xiangmu of _ of practice of the daily life of a family that _ rice sweet agaric freezes how does ear aspic do the Mi Xiangmu of practice encyclopedia _ that ear freezes –

Article introduction

The person’s life is good now, t阿拉爱上海同城 爱上海龙凤419桑拿he side that taking becomes exceeding attention. Pre上海龙凤论坛sh1f 上海龙凤论坛海千花网交友 上海千花网论坛viously, everybody eats is for cram oneself with food. And peo阿拉爱上海同城 爱上海龙凤419桑拿ple has now, it is to prolong life. So, how to use ” eat ” will prolong life? Still must rely on oneself to come true with one’s own hands. And now, small weave the way that introduce to freeze about Mi Xiangmu ear f新爱上海同城对对碰论坛 上海同城对对碰交友社区irst.

The practice that Mi Xiangmu ear freezes

1.1 red jujubes are a上海千花网交友 上海千花网论坛bluent, go the nucleus cuts small.


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